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Optimized Nutrition For Maximize Yield

Our goal is to improve nutrition from the soil up.
Let’s work together to maximize your profit while improving your sustainability.

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Meet the Nature Halfway

Soil Care

Soil needs biota, and we harness the soil by providing the technology to house microbes where it belongs, resulting in healthy and productive soil.

plant Care

With healthy soil, plants can thrive the best. Which allows the plants to root into the world of microbiomes, resulting optimized nutrition and minimized  protection.

Envrionment Care

Microbes are not just important to plant or soil, but they are important for our environment. Balancing the atmosphere, water streams and serve as sequestrant for carbon.

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SACI iS About

Improving Nutrition From The Soil Up.

Driven to improve the quality of the food that sustains us all, to reduce the chemical contamination of that food and, most importantly, to restore soil health and associated carbon sequestration across the globe.

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Certified Experts

We have experienced team of researchers and agronomist to help find the best solutions for you.

Quality Services

We offer not the product but the quality of our services to provide timely solutions for your crop.

Affordable Pricing

We always consider the affordability of the solutions to benefit the growers with best of product.

7+ Years of Expertise in Chemical Free Farming

SACI have been world leaders in discovering a viable alternative to extractive, chemical agriculture. We have developed and refined a sustainable approach to soil and plant management.