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SACI has developed a revolutionary range of high performance liquid fertilizers for both fertigation and foliar application. Over 70 products (including numerous crop specific solutions) offer yield-building, soil and plant promotion for every situation.


  1. NPK 0-15-30
  2. Humic Acid Liquid (8% potash and 40% humate)
  3. Nitrogen Liquid (N: 30%)
  4. NPK + Amino Acid (N-P-K : 10-10-10 and 25)
  5. Bio Organic Phosphate (Liquid)


  1. Sulphate Of Potash (SOP) (K: 50 + S: 18)
  2. Ammonium Sulphate (N : 21 + S : 24)
  3. NitroPhos (NP) (18+18)
  4. Phosphorous coated Urea (18-18-0)
  5. Bio Organic Phosphate (0-18-0 plus 20% OM)
  6. Sulphur coated Urea (22-0-0 plus 25% sulphur)

Humates are now recognized as the single most productive input in sustainable agriculture. They consist of humic and fulvic acid along with the raw humates (prehistoric plant matter) from which these powerful natural acids are derived. SACIhas become a world leader in humate technology, having developed a product range which includes 9 humate options. The SACIhumates are obtained from a super-active leonardite source. Leonardite is generally recognized as the “champagne” of humates. SACI has achieved extraordinary quality while maintaining exceptional cost competitiveness. Its safe to say that SACIhas the best quality product at the best price of any company in the world.

  1. Potassium Humate (8 K and 50% H) 100% water soluble
  2. Potassium Humate (8 K and 40% H) 100% water soluble
  3. Humic Acid (50%) 100% water soluble
  4. Fulvic Acid
  5. Lignite

This innovative product range of biological solutions offers chemical-free, problem-solving options for any grower seeking increased sustainability and reduced input costs. Soil Food web analysis reveals decimation of many of the key soil-life species required for high production agriculture. The reintroduction of this workforce can offer multi-faceted benefits. A fungal disease does not suggest a deficiency of a fungicide and a problem with nematodes does not reflect a lack of nematicides. A fully functioning soil-life community is the key to problem-free production.

  1. Bio N (with Azotobacter Sp.)
  2. Bio P (with Bacillus Sp.)
  3. Power Root (with Trichoderma Sp.)
  4. Pro Meta (with Metarhizium Sp.)
  5. Pro Beta (with Beauveria Sp.)
  6. Pro Thurst (with Bacillus thuringiensis)
  7. Myco Power (with VAM)

It is now understood that plant availability of fertilizer is often a function of particle size – i.e., the smaller the particle, the more rapid the delivery of the nutrient to the plant. SACIhas specialized in the development of Micronized Mineral Suspensions (MMS) to supply high analysis, liquid mineral fertilizers to take advantage of this phenomenon. Leaf analysis often reveals specific deficiencies that are best addressed using just the missing mineral rather than unwanted tag-ons, e.g., calcium without the nitrate addition or just magnesium without the sulfate addition. The MMS range is the perfect tool for precision nutrition.

  1. Magnesium
  2. Red Oxide
  3. Rock Phosphate (28%)
  4. Iron
  5. Azomite
  6. Dolomite
  7. Calcium Carbonate
  8. Lignite (65%)

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Farm Design & Planting

Microbes are not just important to plant or soil, but they are important for our environment. Balancing the atmosphere, water streams and serve as sequestrant for carbon.


Plant Care

With healthy soil, plants can thrive the best. Which allows the plants to root into the world of microbiomes, resulting optimized nutrition and minimized protection

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Soil Care

Soil needs biota, and we harness the soil by providing the technology to house microbes where it belongs, resulting in healthy and productive soil.

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