A Few Words

About Us


A Few Words About Us

For over 7 years, SACI have been world leaders in discovering a viable alternative to extractive, chemical agriculture.

We have developed and refined a sustainable approach to soil and plant management,

Our Way Forward

Our goal is to improve soil health, plant health, human health and, more recently, this mission has been extended to include planetary health (in relation to global warming). The thin veil of topsoil that grows our food is fast diminishing, and there is an urgent need for soil restoration initiatives. The entire SACI team is driven to improve the quality of the food that sustains us all, to reduce the chemical contamination of that food and, most importantly, to restore soil health and associated carbon sequestration across the globe.

Problem Solver
Organic Products

Game Plan

Our strategy involves a twin focus – comprehensive education programs, and innovative inputs to ensure farming success. SACI has developed a broad range of problem-solvers (over 42 products), including the world’s largest range of organically certified inputs (over 12 products). SACI products are applied to over 60,000 acres, and our Soil Therapy and Plant Therapy services have become popular in many regions. Perhaps our most transformative offering involves training programs that combine education, entertainment and inspiration. The four-day SACI training has been conducted across four provinces of Pakistan, with over 750 farmers, scientists and consultants benefiting from this revolutionary training.